Platinum Creditcard

Secure, Transparent & Limitless


Take control of your funds and assets with our digital payment platform - exchange, transfer, and spend with ease using your unique Platinum Credit Card.

Unlimited Cash Withdrawal

Unlimited international cash withdrawals at all ATM's.

Security & Transparency

Shop with confidence and safely transact online with our VISA regulated system.

Unlimited Crypto Top-up

Top up your card with the most known cryptocurrency coins

What we offer

Secure, Transparent, Limitless

The Platinum Credit Card is more than just a credit card, it is an online membership platform that strives to empower customers to achieve true financial independence and pursue their dreams. With a focus on transparency and security, Platinum provides a comprehensive suite of financial tools and resources to help customers achieve their financial goals.



Platinum’s flexible account gives you access to multiple traditional currencies, live real-time exchange rates and an elegant card allowing you to spend in more than 150+ currencies around the globe.


Unleash your Financial Freedom with Platinum Credit Card

At Platinum, we believe that financial freedom and security are essential for living life to the fullest.

SOON: Miles & Rewards

Manage your funds, assets, and rewards all in one place with our platform's upcoming integration of miles & rewards

Real-time Exchange Rates

Save 4-8% on exchange rates compared to your average bank with our traditional currency exchange services

Unlimited Cash Withdrawal

Unlimited international cash withdrawals at all ATM's

Transparency & Security

Following all official VISA and FCA regulations and using EMV chip technology and fraud protection with no hidden margins

Spend Worldwide

Spend your crypto and fiat currencies anywhere in the world

24/7 Support

Great full-time customer support for all your requirements and needs

instant crypto top-up & low fees

Unlimited top-up and spending

Experience the ultimate flexibility with our platform that lets you add unlimited funds to your credit card using USDT, BTC, and several other popular cryptocurrencies.

Choose the speed that works for you:

  • 6% ( +/- 20 minute transfers)
  • 5% ( 2-3 business days)
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Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable customer support team is available to assist you with anything you need.

Platinum offers various card types based on the level of membership you have. For the plastic and metal tier you can register an account here.

For the anonymous corporate card please contact us using one of the contact methods located on our contact page.

Due to our exclusive direct partnership with Visa, we are obliged to adhere to their stringent regulations. This ensures that the funds are directly managed by Visa, thereby guaranteeing their complete safety and security.

We are officially registered in Panama which some could consider as “off-shore”.

The Platinum Credit Card offers clients the flexibility to transact in any regulated currency. Should a purchase be made in a currency other than USD, the payment will be processed in the specific currency of the transaction. Subsequently, this amount will be seamlessly converted from USD into one of the 150+ currencies supported, utilizing competitive exchange rates.

Our affiliate system offers the flexibility to customize card prices and top-up percentages, coupled with automated payouts. This ensures affiliates can efficiently manage their earnings and cater to market needs with ease.